Friday, August 21, 2015

My State Fair Entries That Won Ribbons

This is the first year I have EVER entered anything into a fair.  For that matter, I had no idea you could enter cards.  Hmm...go figure!  LOL  Sooo...  I entered several cards one for each possible category.  Here is what I entered and won a ribbon for:

First place - Blue Ribbon cards 

Second Place Red Ribbon card/projects

My 3rd Place White Ribbon Card

My daughter entered three items and placed 1st w/a special youth award for her card

This is the wolf costume she created - no pattern to follow, she hand sewed the head, paws and tail - she got 2nd place (a red ribbon) for it!

This is her drawing she won second place (a red ribbon) for!
Yep, I'm a VERY VERY proud mom!  :)

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Lisa Lynn said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Way to show off your creations and wonderful that your daughter is doing the same.