Friday, June 5, 2015

My New Messy Place

As some of you may know I got divorced last year.  I moved from an almost 3000 sq ft home where I had my own room for crafting to an 1100 sq ft home where I have at least my own bedroom and share a computer room with my kiddo.  So...even after moving in I didn't have any craft space.  I finally got sooo stressed about not being able to make cards (my co-workers were on my case...LOL) that I finally made space for myself out in my garage.  Now my main concern is spiders...Ewwwe!  But, her eis what I have at this point.  One day I will get more creative with my space, a lot of my stuff is still in boxes, but...  here is what I have, and is a mess!  What do you expect?  Look below to see all the new cards I've made!  LOL

Best news of all...I got the lens for my Nikon now I have a good camera...just a matter of learning how to use it with the correct settings!  :)  Yay!
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